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Using ASP.NET and C#, how ,can I make a file copy to a local drive and open up when a user selects i

I am trying to use C# and ASP.NET to make some internal programs for our firm. In one phase, I checked the existence of a file on one of our network drives, which I also mapped to a drive on the server. If a user selects that file, I want it to copy to the local drive on the server and then have it open up for the user (files are MS Word documents).

I used System.IO.File.Exist method to check the file. It works for the local drive, but it doesn't work for the network drive (i.e. N:docshowto.doc). System.IO.File.Copyto also doesn't work for the network drive. It gives me this error message: "Could not find file "N:docshowto.doc."

How can I do this in ASP.NET and C#?
First, you're missing the slashes. You must use "N:\\docshowto.doc" or @"@"N:\docshowto."

Second, you should use UNC paths: @"\\myserver\share\docshowto.doc."

What's more, the network path may be better placed in the application web.config.

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