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Unable to capture the events from the control

As you suggested for someone else, I am using tag to insert a window control to the Web forms. But I am unable to capture the events from the control. What should I do?
I have to honestly say that using those <object> tags and embedding windows controls in a page is a really bad idea. Someone asked how to do that, and I told him. Not only I do not suggest using it, I advise not to do so at all. It is almost as bad an idea as Java applets were. And in most cases, you can do without them. ASP.NET server controls + powerful JavaScript + DHTML can do pretty much everything you need from a UI.

If there's really a need for it, I'd say you're probably in front of a regular Windows Forms application that should be distributed using the latest MS Updater Application Block (http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/dnbda/html/updater.asp), for example, to get no-touch deployment (just what the containing page gives you, right?), and forget about that abomination of Win/Web mixing.

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