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Turning off outlining in Visual Studio .NET 2003

In response to the question How do I turn off outlining completely?, you said:

Outlining is actually a fantastic tool and you should definitely give it another chance. You can undo all outlining by right clicking in an edit window and selecting Outlining | Stop Outlining.

This does not work in Visual Studio 2003. I suspect it is a bug with the Visual Studio tool and that Microsoft will issue a patch for it at a later date. Is there a workaround in the meantime?
Ack! Turns out we are both partially right. My mistake was assuming that the menu option Edit | Outlining | Stop Outlining turned off outlining for all languages. In C#, Stop Outlining behaves correctly. However, it's broken in Visual Basic .NET. Sorry about the confusion and I appreciate you pointing out my mistake. Thanks!

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