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Should I keep learning VB6 or should I go right to .NET?

I am just now learning VB 6.0 and now I find out I have to get into Visual Basic .NET. Actually, I understand that it's all in the name of progress, but I just had to vent. My question is, seeing how I have just gotten into VB6, would it behoove me to finish learning it before I venture into .NET? Because, to tell you truth, I am having enough trouble getting a handle on VB6! Thanks.
It all depends on what you're being paid for at work. If you are doing VB6 work and are absolutely positive you'll be doing it for the next year or more, you'll want to concentrate on VB6. However, the future, whether folks like it or not, is VB.NET. To prepare for what you'll be doing down the road, learning VB.NET and .NET in general is the way to go.

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