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Should I go for C# or Java?

Hello, John. I wonder if you could give me some advice as to my next career move. I have been developing business software for 20 years, using C, objective-C, COBOL, RPG, Smalltalk, VB5-6, and ASP. At the moment, I am unsure about investing in C# or Java. Could you please help?
Considering that my partners and I at Wintellect bet the farm on .NET, I don't think I can give an unbiased answer! However, either choice will be a good one as they are the future of development. A very smart friend of mine opined that the development market in the future will be divided 40% .NET, 40% Java and 10% everything else. In my opinion, I feel that .NET is easier to develop for and given the effort that Microsoft is putting into future ease of development issues, I believe that the numbers will be something like 60% .NET, 30% Java and 10% everything else. Based on that last sentence, I think you can figure out my recommendation.

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