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Should I be using hungarian notation?

Is hungarian notation really worth using for shareware authors? I can see using it in a team environment, but what about those of us in one-man shops? I'm currently using a proprietary system of naming convention in my apps. Thanks.

Hungarian notation is an issue that causes much polarization among developers. Some swear by it, and some hate it. Personally, I use it for every single project I create, even if it's a little utility that no one but me will ever use.

As an individual, you get the same benefits of hungarian notation that a team of developers would; you can easily tell the scope and data type of variables in your code. Besides, who knows where your code will end up? You may sell it someday, or merge it with a larger application. Also, the habits you develop from using hungarian notation will only help you if you start working on projects in a team environment. The choice is up to you, but I wouldn't think of coding any other way.

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