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Sharing of ASP.NET session state

Hello, Daniel. I saw your answer concerning sharing of ASP.NET session between several Web applications using state server. I just made some tests and discovered that the session state is saved (after changing web.config or rebuild) but not shared with another Web application. I think this is a default behavior and there is no word about "sharing the state" in MS doc. Are you sure it's possible?
Well, my other answer is not exactly true. In fact, I misunderstood the question in the first place. I work a lot in cluster environments, and I thought the question was about sharing state between an application in server A with the state in server B, but being the SAME application, in different machines. That's what the State server is about. But sharing state among completely different apps in the same machine is another story. I would suggest you use the MS Caching Application Block ( http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/en-us/dnpag/html/CachingBlock.asp&e=7413) that comes with a Memory Mapped Files storage, which stores items in a special "memory" area that is shared machine-wide.

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