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Sharing VS 2002 files with a friend with 2003

I have been developing ASP.NET VS 2002. My friend has 2003. Whenever I send him my aspx and aspx.vb files he cannot import them into his solution. I sent him a complete project and he couldn't load that into VS2003 either. Is there any way I can develop in 2002 and he can use my files in 2003? I can't afford the upgrade and I missed the $29 special, so I'm thankful for any type of workaround you may have.
Sharing only the files shouldn't be a problem at all. They are just plain text files. What problem are you facing specifically? You can convert the application project file between versions by using the information on the following article: http://www.eggheadcafe.com/articles/20030425.asp

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