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Setting navigation between different tables in Access

I am developing a VB.NET interface on top of an Access database. I have two tables in Access. Each form is connected to a table. The tables are related in Access by identification number. How can I set the navigation, so that if the user opens Form 1 and is on Record 5 of Access Table 1, when they navigate to Form 2, they are on the same Record in Table 2? I appreciate any feedback. Thank you, greatly!
You can simply pass the ID from the first form to the second, for example, in its constructor, or as a property. The second form, then, can take that value and position its own record. So, Form 1 calling code would be something like the following:
new Form2(currentId).ShowDialog();

Form 2, in turn, adjusts its constructor call to receive the parameter 
and select a subset of the information to display:
public class Form2(int id)
  //store the ID, filter elements, whatever.

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