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Sending to another page

I'm new to ASP.NET. When I send a page to another page and try to retrieve a value with request.form ("namevariabel"), it's always null. And when I try to see if there is a key in request.form.haskeys, it returns false (obviously it isn't). But when I'm not to using an ASP.NET Web form component and try manually using an HTML component, it works just fine.
It depends on how the "sending to another page" is done. If you perform a Response.Redirect, you effectively lose everything from the initial request. You should use Server.Transfer for this purpose. You can pass additional information from Page1 to Page2 by using the HttpContext.Current.Items, for example, if prior to "sending" to Page2, Page1 performs some processing and loads some information for Page2 to use. The information in HttpContext.Items is called "transient state" as it only lives during the processing of the single current request.

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