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Running VS.NET 2002/2003 projects side by side in Crystal

Is there a way we can deploy VS.NET 2002 and VS.NET 2003 projects on Crystal side by side? We currently have a VS.NET 2002 Crystal project already deployed, but after installing our new VS.NET 2003 Crystal project, the earlier Crystal stuff doesn't work. Any help is very appreciated!
One of the most significant features of .NET is the ability to run multiple versions of an assembly side-by-side.

Yes, you can have as many versions of the DLLs on the target machine as you need. Just make sure you put all of the necessary assemblies in the same directory with the application executible (.exe). The .NET Framework will look for the required assemblies in the executible directory before looking at other places on the system (default configuration).

As far as doing this specifically for Crystal you will need to retrieve the previous version assemblies and place them in the appropriate directories.

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