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Reading a Word document line-by-line

I would like to ask about one of your articles:

I too have the same problem, but I didn't get your concept or idea. Could you please elaborate a little? I will appreciate if you could direct me to a working example, code or whatever.
The idea is that whenever you need to open Word, you use the automation objects it exposes (COM objects). You can simply reference the Word library from the Add References dialog for your project. There's a lot of material on the Internet on how to use these objects. The example I gave is a working example on how to achieve a solution to the problem. Do you have any problems getting it to run?

Another approach is to save Word documents (2003 version) as XML files. This means you can open and query the document using XmlDocument/XPathDocument very easily. You can also convert such XML into HTML using an XSLT transformation (see here for more information).

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