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Problems with date field when adding user to the database

I am working out of your Wrox book, Beginning C# Web Applications, and I am having a problem on page 130 (adding a user to the database). The problem seems to be with the date field. If I don't enter a date, everything works; but if I do enter a date, I get the "Insert couldn't be performed....." message. Where can I find the errata for the book and an answer to this problem?
Wrox ceased to exist. Therefore, there's no site, no errata, no nothing, unfortunately. I can say that probably your problem is with the date format. It must match the format on your global configuration (machine). If it doesn't work, try another one, such as dd-MM-YYYY, MM-dd-YYYY, etc. If you want to change your machine datetime format settings, you should go to the control panel, Regional and Language Options.

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