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Preventing output for up-to-date projects

How can I make C++ .NET not provide output for up-to-date projects? It is frustating to see the output window polluted with all these up-to-date messages when I have lots of projects in a solution. I would rather see the output for projects which need to be built - just like VC 6.0. Any ideas?
You can use the Visual Studio Configuration Manager, which can be opened by clicking the Build - > Configuration Manager menu item from the main menu inside of the Visual Studio IDE. For each project you have in your solution you can control which projects are built when the solution is run from inside the IDE.

Once you have disabled these other inactive projects (from being built automatically,) you can right click on the project you want to build, and only that project will be built. You can still force a project's referenced projects to be built by choosing the Rebuild option.

I have several projects that I currently work on that contain between 60-100 projects, and I use this method to only build the project that I am making changes to. This will save build time and eliminate many warnings or error messages from projects that you are not actively working on.

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