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Need an ASP.NET page with a text box and submit button to pull records

I'm fairly new to the VS world and am looking to create to a simple search in an Access 2000 database, using ADO.NET. The database has a simple employee information table. Fields are SS#, Lastname, Firstname, etc. What I would like to do is create an ASP.NET page with a text box and submit button that a user can put their SS# into, hit submit and it returns a single record that corresponds to the SS# inputted by the user. SS# happens to be the primary key in the database. I can return all records fine using an OleDbDataAdapter and a DataSet. Just need a little help with the SQL statement to return only the records that match the SS#. Thanks!
Platform: WinXP Pro
If you're using the OleDbDataAdapter, most probably you have drag&dropped it in a form. Right-click it and select Configure Data Adapter. In the dialog for the SQL statement, enter something like the following:
The code to fill the dataset should be:
oleDbDataAdapter1.SelectCommand.Parameters.Add("@SSN", this.txtSSN.Text); oleDbDataAdapter1.Fill(dataSet1);

This way you're passing the SSN parameter to the query before filling the dataset.

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