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Navigating over a set of tabs

How can I develop a Web page that shows a list of tabbed pages, so that if a user clicks on a particular tab, the Web page will take the user to the page associated with that tab (much like what a Windows tab control would do)?
A Windows tab control doesn't take you to a different form, which would be the analogy to taking you to another page in the Web world. You can use the Microsoft Internet Explorer WebControls, which come with a controls to do tab-navigation over a set of tabs. Each tab is a panel-like control where you place the UI controls. All panels are hidden except for the one associated with the currently selected tab.

The current download location is http://www.asp.net/IEWebControls/Download.aspx?tabindex=0&tabid=1, but MS has changed the distribution to a source form.

I've uploaded the original MSI installer to http://deverest.com.ar/downloads/IE%20WebControls%20Version%201.0.msi and http://dotnetopensrc.sourceforge.net/IE%20WebControls%20Version%201.0.msi for your convenience.

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