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Moving from one form to another in a menu application

I am trying to make a menu application where I will have roughly 40 forms. From any one of these forms I want to be able to move to any one of six other forms. In VB 6.0, all that was required was to say:

frm Appetizers.show

This does not seen to work in .NET though. The only solution that I have seen was to place the forms into an array, which would make the random movement between forms difficult.
Your application will have a main form. That is unavoidable, and you will never be able to close it without shutting down the application. For the child forms, you can simply create and show them and close later. For example, the main form opened a child Form1. At a button's click, this form closes itself and opens Form2:

private void OnForm1ToForm2(object sender, EventArgs e)
 new Form2().Show();

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