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Managing multiple languages

In Windows you can change from one language to another by pressing the ALT+SHIFT keys. I have certain forms in which there are mixed textfields. Some of them should be in Language A others in Language B. I need a subroutine that changes the language based on the kind of the field (getfocus maybe) so that the user does not have to manually change the language. I guess my question is: is there a way to simulate the pressing of the ALT+SHIFT keys using code?

The languages are:
Armenian, English which are left-to-right languages and arabic which is right-to-left

Thank you in advance.
Frankly, I feel that a better solution would be to localize your Web or Win application, thus allowing the user to select their language of choice from the start. Forcing the user to deal with multiple languages may not be a very user friendly means of communicating with your target audience.

You can learn more about localization here:

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