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Managing Words docs in SQL via ASP

How do I read a Word document into a SQL database, search it via fulltext, and then display it via ASP?
You have two options:
* Save the word document as a binary object in the database (this article may help: http://weblogs.asp.net/cazzu/archive/2003/08/27/25568.aspx)
* Save the document as XML. At this point, in SQL Server 2000 you can only store this as a large text field and have it indexed. SQL Server has no knowledge of tags and the like, so they will get indexed too. This is not cool. In SQL Server 2005 you'll be able to store the XML as a new native type, and it can be fully indexed/optimized taking into account the structure and particularities of XML.

For displaying it later, you just have to send the file to the user using the same technique explained in the referenced article. If you send the XML generated directly from Word 2003, you don't even need to set the content type, as IE will know that it's something that needs to be opened with Word.

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