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Is there a way to disable TODO reminders?

Visual Studio does me the favor of adding TODO comments to my code when I create a new object, such as '//TODO: Add your constructor code here' or '//TODO: Put your event handler code here.'

This is very kind, but I find the comments an irritation, and it slows me down (a little) to have to manually delete them and/or replace them with code. Is there an option/setting/registry hack that disables these automatically inserted comments?
Interestingly, I kind of like the TODO reminders, but to each their own.

If you are feeling really brave, you can always go into the Visual Studio .NET Install Dir>VC7VCWIZARDS directory, change to the particular wizard directory you want to change (mfcappwiz is the MFC Application Wizard) and in the templates1033 directory you'll find the US English base files processed by the Wizard.

There are numerous C++/H files, so you can edit to your hearts content. However, if you mess up the scripting in the files, you'll break the wizard. As you'd expect, it's a good idea to back up any files you might play with.

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