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Is there a way to create a SQL procedure in Access?

First of all I would like to congratulate you of such great site your team has made. I have been studying VB.NET for two months now and I have run into a problem. Because I couldn?t make my (Northwind.mdb) file work under SQL server, I jumped exclusively to Access 2002 and I am using OleDB commands to write my project. In the book there are all on SQL server. Everything was just fine after I reached to the project that uses the SQL to create a procedure command to insert a new row to the database, but unfortunately I couldn?t use the same SQL procedure command in Access.

Am I doing something wrong, or there is a way to create SQL procedure in Access? How I can use my northwind.mdb in SQL server, which is installed from disk 4 of Visual Studio .NET?
You should install the .NET Framework Quickstarts and Samples, which comes with MSDE, a stripped-down SQL Server version, and it automatically loads the northwind and pubs sample databases. This allow you to use all the SQL Server features, will be far more performant, and is what almost every book I know about uses.

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