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Is there a way around making each domain user a member of the debugger group?

I have a shared classroom type environment - with a Windows Domain model. I have tried to make a Global Windows group be part of the Debugger Users group on local workstations, but this does not allow users to debug. I have to explicitly make each domain user a member of the Debugger users group. Is there a way around this for domain users?
I can't know for sure what your specific issue is without knowing more details, but I'll give you a couple of likely things to check. First, I assume every machine belongs to the domain and use the machine that defines the Global Windows group as the domain controller. If this isn't the case, be sure it is and try again. The fact that when you add each domain user to the Debugger Users group, but not the Global Windows group indicates that the Global Windows group you defined isn't being recognized by the workstations in the domain. This could also be a matter of the domain needing to refresh the group policy. Use gpupdate (since you are on Windows XP) to update the group policies. If this still doesn't work, send me email directly to [b e r n i (at) w i n t e l l e c t (dot) com] (note: I obfuscated my email for anti-spam purposes)

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