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Is there a multi-page control that can be edited using VS.NET designer?

Is there a multi-page control that can be edited using Visual Studio .NET designer? I downloaded the Microsoft Web Controls, which includes the tabstrip and multi-page. You can drag a multi-page into the Visual Studio .NET designer, but you can't use the designer to add controls onto the multi-page. It says to do it in the HTML. Thanks in advance for the help.
What you're looking for is what is called a control with a ReadWriteControlDesigner -- that is, a control that allows you to drag and drop other controls inside (think of the Panel control). Well, if you Google for that word, you'll see that many control developers have faced this problem, and unfortunately, there's no solution to it in ASP.NET 1.x.

Ergo, stop your search for such a control now, and think about potential workarounds, one of which is creating a UserControl for each tab of the multi-page IE WebControl, so you can visually design it. Of course you will have to manually add it to the tabstrip or multi-page, but at least you don't have to design the whole UI. Another one is to use a Panel as a container for the controls and hook that panel to the tabstrip.

This last option is the one I used some time ago. I simply used the tabstrip, added some tabs to it, and then attached to its SelectedIndexChange event. At that event, you make the appropriate Panel visible.

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