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Is VB.NET enough to know for a good career?

I am a developer with two years experience in VB and SQL, and now I want to upgrade myself to .NET technologies. I am planning to go for .NET certification. Can you kindly send me some details and give me the right direction for migrating to .NET? Is VB.NET sufficient for a good career?
As Microsoft has bet the farm on .NET, it's pretty safe for you to do the same. As I have mentioned in earlier questions in this column concerning certification, I don't find certification to be that valuable. It means that you paid to take a test, but does nothing to prove that you can solve problems.

What I recommend is that you figure out a project or two you are interested in doing and implement solutions in VB.NET. The key is to treat them as real projects and complete them! You can take those projects to a job interview and they will do more to prove you know what you are doing than any certification.

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