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Implementing a ComboBox control in ASP.NET

The DropDownList control does not provide editability, i.e. does not act as a ComboBox. The only thing you can do with DropDownList is to pick up an item from a list, but you cannot type in your own text. Is this correct? If yes, could you please advise how to implement a kind of a ComboBox control in ASP.NET? Thank you.
Platform: Win2000
Implementing the ComboBox in ASP.NET would consist of: a composite custom control, containing a textbox for the editable region, an image for the "faked" dropdown, next to the textbox, and a <div> containing all items. With JavaScript, you'd have to react to the click on the image, and show/hide the div (i.e. set its "display:block" or "display:none"). You'd have to take care of positioning too. Alternatively, you could try having both a textbox and a dropdown list with absolute positioning, overlapping each other. You can make the textbox narrower than the dropdown so the arrow appears (the dropdown should have it's Z-order less than the textbox'). Then, through JavaScript, when the user clicks on an item in the dropdown, you set the textbox value accordingly.

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