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I am trying to learn VB.NET and I am completely lost!

I'm currently in my second month of an introduction to VB.NET programming course in college. I absolutely do not understand the language nor can I make sense out of anything I'm doing. I'm completely lost. I've never experienced or done anything like this before and nothing is making sense to me. Do you have any suggestions (besides asking my teacher, because he confuses me more than he helps me) of how I can come to understand this whole programming concept using VB.NET? Thanks.
Like most computer subjects, the initial learning curve is often the most difficult and im afraid .NET is no exception.

You may have had experience with Windows before (and I assume this based on the fact that you are still there after month one), and noticed that everything exists in conceptual frames called Windows.

A Window, or an application, is designed in a manner that it is always waiting for something to happen. As a result, everything to do with VB development, boils down to cause and effect. Or in VB terms, event and action.

When a form loads, it triggers an event. When you click a button, an event occurs. What you do as a consequence of this event forms your program.

In VB, there are two elements to designing an application. The first is the form designer, as we call it, and secondly the code editor.

The designer allows you to paint the controls (those items you wish to use to create events) onto a form, rather like a conceptual piece of paper where you can attach a point for someone to enter their name or a button that you want someone to push.

When someone presses a button on your form, this raises an event, which if you decide, can result in anything you like to happen -? whether this is to say hi or to launch a nuclear attack on your worst enemy (oops getting a bit carried away there).

To keep things simple, when you are designing your application, you are said to be interactive with the editor. When you want to test your application, you enter the run state, which allows you to experience what you have written.

From these simple ideas, the path to learning this language will become clearer in time. To modify a popular expression, Windows was not built in a day. ;)

On another note, if there are areas you feel weak on, don?t be worried about putting a question to your tutor or again to us. We were all there once and we all remember how it felt.

Take care and success in your endeavors.

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