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How do you enforce a dataadapter to use a specific sqlConnection?

First of all, I would like to thank you for the great book you wrote, Beginning C# Web Applications with Visual Studio .NET. I have several questions to ask.

First question: The book says to access free tech support visit http://www.beginningdotnet.com, but the site belongs to someone else?

Second question: How do you enforce a dataadapter to use a specific sqlConnection? An example for this question is located at the page 188 on the book.

The book instructed to create a sqlConnection that has a name as "cnFirends," and on page 189, the book instructs to create a sqlDataAdapter -- but it's not using cnFriends connection.

Third question: This is related to the second question. On page 188, I followed steps 1 through 6. At step 6, after I click next, I get the following error message:

ADO error: Cannot resolve collation conflict for column 2 in SELECT statement.

If I click finish button, I get another sqlConnection object, and its name is sqlConnection1. I don't think it's using cnFriends.
First of all, thank you for your feedback about the book!

First question: I believe Wrox was going to use that domain, but it may be sold as part of its liquidation (most probably). Therefore, if you need support for it, just contact me through TechTarget. I'm pleased to help.

Second and third question: if you are using the Property Browser, the Connection property has an arrow on the right that drops down a list of SqlConnection components on the page. You can select the one to use from there. The designer sometimes loses this relation and instead creates another SqlConnection. You can only re-select it from the dropdown to restablish it. About the collation conflict, it surely has to do with the SQL server setup. I used the Latin collation, which is the most common. However, there shouldn't be a problem with using a different one.

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