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How do I use VB6 FlexGrid in VB.NET?

I have a question about using the ActiveX control called MSHeirarchicalFlexGrid (file MSHFLXGD.OCX). This control was strongly supported in VB 6.0, but I didn't find it available in VB.NET. I tried to copy the OCX file and place it in System32 folder (Win2000 server), and then select it as a project reference from within the VB.NET environment. The control then appeared in the toolbox. But when I tried to place it on the form, an error message appeared saying that I don't have a license for using this ActiveX control ... I don't know how can I register this control to be available for use in VB.NET.
In .NET the FlexGrid control has been replaced by the new and spiffy DataGrid control. The DataGrid is a first class .NET control and is already on your Windows Forms Toolbox ready to be plopped into your form. It's quite an amazing control and fixes many of the problems that FlexGrid had; it also works great with the new data classes in .NET.

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