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How do I move a .VSS project source library to another server?

I am trying to migrate a .VSS project source library from one server to another. What steps do I need to take re-link the associated .NET and Web libraries to the new VSS library location? When I attempt to point the project solution to the new VSS source library location, the message "project not found" is displayed and I'm unable to open the project library in VSS or in VB.NET. Can you help me handle the project library move?

Platform: Windows XP/SQL 2000 + .NET/VSS 6.0c
I'm not exactly sure what you are asking, but I have an idea. First off, welcome to the whacky world of SourceSafe. My main recommendation is to NEVER use the version control integration with any of the Microsoft IDEs. This is especially true with Visual Studio .NET. I ran into many problems when using version control integration to the point I could no longer open projects under version control. You are MUCH better off using the standalone SourceSafe Explorer.

I had what I think was a similar situation where I wanted to move some projects around in SourceSafe. After much pulling of hair and gnashing of teeth, I gave up and recreated the solution and project files from scratch with no SourceSafe integration. In other projects, I had to manually edit the solution and project files to remove the SourceSafe-added crud. It took me almost two days to get 12 projects moved over. The moral of the story: NEVER USE INTEGRATED VERSION CONTROL WITH VISUAL STUDIO .NET!

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