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How do I call an exe application from ASP.NET and get a result?

I have one console application (exe). I want to call that application with some parameters. Application returns...

output. Can you tell me how to call this application from ASP.NET and get the result? The code is as follows:

 // Get a file name relative to the current Web app. string file = Server.MapPath(@"binMyApp.exe"); ProcessStartInfo info = new ProcessStartInfo(file, "Kzu otherargs"); // Redirect output so we can read it. info.RedirectStandardOutput = true; // To redirect, we must not use shell execute. info.UseShellExecute = false; // Create and execute the process. Process p = Process.Start(info); p.Start(); // Send whatever was returned through the output to the client. Response.Write(p.StandardOutput.ReadToEnd());

Note that the ASP.NET worker process needs to have permissions to access the external application. The most simple way to ensure this is to place it under the bin folder.

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