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How can I print text or numbers with rectangles around them?

I am a VB.NET newbie and I am reading a lot of books on the subject. Printing is my biggest hurdle right now. Many of the "newbie" books on VB.NET don't cover printing at all. Others cover it in a very cursory fashion. I have not been able to find one that will cover what I want to know.

Here is what I need to get me started. Given a string variable with some text "Here is some text." How would you print that on a printer with a rectangular box around it? What I am trying to do is print some forms (not Windows VB forms, but document forms). Is it possible to give a short code snippet that would illustrate printing text or numbers with rectangles around them?
Isn't it funny that there are almost no articles on printing? In the Win32 C/C++ world, the only book I remember discussing printing was Charles Petzold's Programming Windows. Yet again, Charles' Programming C# book is the only one I know of that discusses printing.

The good news is that printing has gotten infinitely easier with .NET. In fact, there's a sample on the MSDN that does nearly what you want. Search for the string "Creating Standard Windows Forms Print Jobs" to see the magic of handling the PrintPage event handler.

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