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How can I pass parameters to my .exe app from ASP.NET?

I have written a VB.NET console application that sends e-mails to users. I need to call this app from ASP.NET after a user clicks on submit. I called my .exe from ASP.NET directly, but there were no e-mails. I also tried to call the .exe through DLL, which is called by ASP.NET, but to no avail. I am not getting any error but no output.

One more thing: How can I pass parameters to my .exe app from ASP.NET?
There's built-in support for mail in ASP.NET. Take a look at the System.Web.Mail namespace. You can easily send mails from there. As for passing parameters to a .exe, you should use the ProcessStartInfo and Process classes in the System.Diagnostics namespace:

ProcessStartInfo i = new ProcessStartInfo("myexe.exe", "-arg1 -arg1 -others");
Process p = new Process();
p.StartInfo = i;

This was last published in June 2003

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