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How can I limit to only few keystrokes inside my application and no mouse events?

Hi. I want to limit to only few keystrokes inside my application and no mouse events. I am able to override the ProcessDialogKey method but I am not able to activate other events.

For example: When I press F1 key, I want to call a button's _Click subroutine. I also want to stop anyone from using mouse inside my application. Can you suggest a solution?
I hate to do this, but I'm not going to answer your question. Part of the major success of Windows is that applications conform to consistent user interface standards across all applications. If your application eats the mouse and does not handle keystrokes the same as any other application, you're making it much for difficult for your users. I would strongly suggest that you look at ways you can design your application so that it conforms to accepted user interface standards. For more information, see the book Microsoft Windows User Experience (Microsoft Press, 1999).

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