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How can I get VB6 and VS.NET to work on the same computer?

I have VB6 on my computer. When I got VS.NET and installed it on my computer, my copy of VB6 did not want to work anymore. I had to uninstall VS.NET, VB6 and then re-install VB6 in order to continue my work in VB6.

I like what I glimpsed in VS.NET when I had it installed. I would like to have both in my computer at the same time. Microsoft said that the two can co-exist but I have no clue as to how this can be done. Right now, I only have VB6 in my computer and have shelved the VS.NET for now.

My question is this: Is there a particular sequence that I need to install these two programs? The sequence to have VB6 first then install VS.NET did not seem to work for me. I have a Dell 8200, 1.6 GHz, 80 GB of HD, 256 MB of memory running XP Professional.

Any help you can give me would be appreciated and thank you for taking the time to read this.
Microsoft is exactly right in that both Visual Studios should play well together. I've had excellent luck by doing the following steps on my machines:

  1. Install Visual Studio 6.
  2. Install the latest Service Packs for Visual Studio 6.
  3. Install Visual Studio .NET.
  4. Change the file associations for .VBP and .DSW from Visual Studio .NET back to Visual Studio 6. (This way you can work on your current projects with Visual Studio 6.)

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