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How can I create a custom template for VS.NET that already has a GUID and some user parameters in it

I want to create a custom template for Visual Studio .NET that already has a GUID and some user parameters in it. I already found out how to create a custom template, how to put it in the new project dialog box and what I have to do to create the GUID while creating the project.

My problem is how to pass some user parameters that will be shown like the GUID in the new project. It would be perfect if a dialog box appeared when I pressed the create project button, and the strings I typed in there would appear in the new project.

I already read how to do so in Visual Studio 6.0., but I own Visual Studio 2003 and it seems to be totally different to manage this problem in the newer version. Do you know what I have to do? Thank you.
What you'll want to do is look at the examples for creating your own Wizards in Visual Studio .NET. If you've already figured out the template format, you're half way there. See the documentation for creating and programming Wizards at: http://msdn.microsoft.com/library/default.asp?url=/library/en-us/vsintro7/html/vxconcreatingwizard.asp.

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