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How can I convert to WML when my text is still full of old HTML tags?

My company wants to convert its HTML files to XML for two reasons: (1) to enable us to present our documents in any format possible, and (2) to allow us to extract parts of our documents to create new custom configurations. My problem is that I can convert our HTML to XHTML and then our own XML, for which I have a DTD (and schema), but I am basically "wrapping" the XHTML in the elements I've defined. Converting back to HTML is not a problem, as I can use and get the old HTML back. However, converting to WML or anything else is not possible right now since the text is full of old HTML tags: ol, ul, li and even table, tr and td that will not work for WML and probably not for other formats either. Any suggestions?
When you convert from the XML to the target format, you should use different style sheets for each. Thus, you should have an xsl:template match="ol" for example, to transform that HTML element into something meaningful to, say, WML.

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