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How can I control Internet Explorer attributes from a VB.NET app?

How can I control Internet Explorer 6.0 Web browser window size, placement, and other attributes (so it doesn't display menu, title bar, toolbar, etc.) from a VB.NET Web application, so the browser window will be sized to 800 x 600, centered on the screen, and have no browser controls displayed when my application runs?
I have no idea if this is possible, but I do have to say that it would be incredibly rude of a Web site to do all those sorts of things to a browser you are proposing. Even if this were a focused application only used inside a company I would highly recommend against even considering it. If you need a very specific look to the browser, you really need to be thinking about a rich client application. With it's great deployment capabilities, .NET makes it easy for folks to browse to a Web site and auto-download a Windows Forms application. See Chris Sell's excellent Wahoo game for an example: http://www.sellsbrothers.com/wahoo/.

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