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How can I access the main form's controls from the dialog box?

I have a main form and another form which acts as a dialog box. From the main form, I am calling the dialog box with the following code:

Dim DialogB As New DialogB()


This works great, but how can I access the main form's controls (i.e. frmRedem.lstBox.SelectedIndex) from the dialog box? If I use the same technique, the program will not start, and the help file's suggestion to use ParentForm does not work! I am using Windows XP.

What you're missing is that you need to use the CType function to cast the ParentForm property to access the parent. Here's an example of a function that will get the title of the parent form:
Public Sub GetParentText()
   Dim x as String
   x = CType(Me.ParentForm, Form1).Text
End Sub

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