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Getting 'unable to start debugging' error in VS.NET

I successfully installed .NET Professional 2002 software on a Windows XP Professional machine. It opened up correctly, and I could even develop applications in it. But none of the applications would execute. It said:

Error while trying to run project: Unable to start debugging. The debugger is not properly installed. Run setup to install or repair the debugger.

I ran the set up to reinstall .NET, but it still has the same problem. Can you please solve this problem for me? I really need to get .NET working! Thanks in advance.
When I've seen this error it means one of two things. The first is that the .NET Framework itself is not installed. Rerun the prerequisites installation and ensure that the .NET Framework installation goes correctly. The other issue may mean that some of the required debugging DLLs may not have gotten registered correctly. Switch to your %SYSTEMROOT%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\% FrameworkVersion% directory and run regsvr32 mscordbi.dll to get the main DLL registered.

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