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Getting 'server does not support debugging of ASP.NET or ATL Server apps' when I try to run a projec

I am using Visual Studio .NET 2002. I am getting an error while trying to run a project:

Unable to start debugging on the Web server. The server does not support debugging of ASP.NET or ATL Server applications. Run setup to install the Visual Studio .NET server components. If setup has been run verify that a valid URL has been specified.

You may also want to refer to the ASP.NET and ATL Server debugging topic in the online documentation. Would you like to disable future attempts to debug ASP.NET pages for this project?

When I say yes, it can't see the components that I wrote in my code. When I say no, it does not compile and show the browser. Thank you.
Most likely, this error is caused because the IIS Web application is not configured to accept Windows Integrated authentication, which is used by VS.NET to attach to the ASP.NET worker process. If that doesn't work, you can try attaching directly to it by using the Debug – Processes menu option.

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