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Getting error when browser set to 'check for new version of this page on every visit'

We are running a .NET application utilizing Web-based and server-based components. When accessing the application through the browser, we are seeing the following error: "Unable to find script library '/aspnet_client/system_web/1_0_3705_0/WebUIValidation.js'..."

I have successfully repaired the IIS mappings. This error only occurs when the browser is set to "Check for new version of this page ON EVERY VISIT." If I change the setting to "Check for new version of this page AUTOMATICALLY," the error no longer appears. Can you explain why I am seeing this behavior?
Maybe you installed .NET v1.1 and that link is pointing to the old version (1_1_4322_0 is the new folder). You should check the wwwroot folder if the file is there, and view the resulting page rendered source to see where it points.

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