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Getting CRC errors during VS.NET installation attempts

I'm having a problem with the installation of VS.NET Enterprise on WinXP. The past couple of times that I've tried to install it, it will fail on the fourth disc. Now my problem is that, after uninstalling to reinstall the product, it won't let me. I've tried getting rid of the folder in Program Files, but it leaves some folders behind, saying that those folders are not empty. Clicking on them prompts me to format my logical D: drive!

I've also tried deleting these folders in safe mode, command prompt and DOS. Through those mediums, the computer gives me a Data Error (Cyclical Redundancy Check) error. So basically, I can't install VS.NET anymore, and I can't get rid of around 10 folders from my drive.
From your description I'll take a stab at a couple of issues you may be having. First, it sounds like CD 4 has data errors on it. You should contact Microsoft for a replacement. As for manually deleting the folders, you should be able to do that. If you can't you may have hard disk errors. Any time you are getting CRC errors you need to see what you can do to get the disk fixed.

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