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Editing datagrids, take two

I have a similar problem to the one you answered on 12 April 2004.
We have a fully editable datagrid that has textboxes for each cell. I have added the code you suggested, and the only bit that doesn't seem to work is that the values returned in the grid are not the values that have been typed into the grid (they are the values that were loaded initially instead).

To summarize:
-In the database, the value is 3.
-I run the project and modify that cell's value to 4.
-When I click on the Upgrade button performing the code you earlier suggested the value for mytxt.Text is still 3, not 4.

Can you think of why this would be and/or way around this?
I have a hunch of what it may be. Check so that you're not performing databinding again when the page is posted back, as that will reload the values from the DB instead of retaining what you edited on the page.

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