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Do you know of a utility that allows comparison of graphical code from two different programs?

I am looking for a program that allows comparison based on the individual graphical components of two programs written with graphical code. I am not looking for a line-by-line comparison, and it does not matter what either of the two programs being compared does. The mere fact that it compares the graphical code itself is the feature that I am interested in exploring. Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
It sounds like you are looking for the code that will do the graphical display of file differences. If I read your question correctly, you're in luck!

The Microsoft WinDiff utility, for showing text file differences, has a small graphical difference display along the left hand side which shows you the different portions of the file that are different and how the files line up for the comparison.

The good news is that its source code is available so you can see the magic. It's written in C, so be prepared to spend a little time working with it.

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