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Developing an online staff orientation site

I am currently looking into developing an Online Staff Orientation Site. The majority of the data will be text-based (i.e. articles/paragraphs of information). I intend to store this data in a relational database (SQL Server). The Web pages will be dynamically-driven from the database (I will be using ASP.NET and VB.NET).

I have been reviewing the use of XML to capture such text-based data. I just need some advice on whether going down this path is the way to go or would there be other alternatives available? i.e. storing all the information as Word doc instead as XML and such. Many thanks in advance.
If you plan to provide querying, filtering, and composition of those paragraphs/articles, going XML will certainly pay off. The question is how you'll capture the data. My advise is to give InfoPath a try. It's specially suited at this task, is intuitive for users to use, and secure to submit and call a webservice on the server side to upload the new information. Storing Word docs is very straightforward, but you'll not be able to participate in rendering in any meaningful way. Here opens another possiblity: have your users save Word 2003 documents as WordML (an XML format) and have your site process that. However, this is far from trivial, as the WordML format is quite complicate to master and process for rendering in HTML (although there's an XSLT to do that transformation: http://www.tkachenko.com/blog/archives/000195.html)

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