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Creating a standalone executable without installing other programs

I have recently read one of your answers to a question I had, which was how to create a standalone exe. Apparently with Visual Studio .NET, they've defeated the purpose of programming, since you need to install the programming tools just to use the program. I really see no benefit doing this if one can't program an application to be able to run on other computers without installing 4 GB worth of programming crap that other people have no idea how to use. You can't tell me they've completely taken this away. I would like it if you could tell me how to create a standalone executable without installing all the useless nonsense.
It sounds like you didn't quite understand my answer. I never said you need to install the entire Visual Studio .NET development environment to run your application. Visual Studio .NET can produce standalone EXE programs that run perfectly well if the .NET Framework is installed on the machine.

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