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Code for e-book: Unifying Windows and Web Security Infrastructure: Threads, Principal, Permission

I recently purchased an e-book written by you: Unifying Windows and Web Security Infrastructure: Threads, Principal, Permissions, Caching and HttpModules from Amazon.com. I found it to be an excellent article and I would like to use the concepts you outline as the basis for a security infrastructure that I'm working on.

However, Amazon did not provide a download that includes the support materials (just the text as a .pdf file) you mention in the article. I have posted this issue (i.e. you also need to provide the support material in order to receive everything that you as the purchaser of the article should receive) to Amazon with no reply so far.

I took a look for contact information for you and came up with this question post. I was wondering if you could point to where or how I might obtain the source code and database tables that are mentioned in the article. Any help would be very much appreciated.
Thanks for your comments. Here is the code.

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