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Can you recommend a book or site to help me learn ASP.NET?

I was working as an ASP programmer (VBScript,JavaScript) and now want to learn .NET. I am new to ASP.NET. I just started learning it on my own. I have XP Pro and VS.NET Enterprise installed on my computer. What book or Web site would you recommend to learn ASP.NET fast using VS.NET? I have seen couple of books but they don't teach you well working in VS.NET. They just teach ASP.NET and VB.NET. I am having trouble in using VS for ASP.NET applications. Is there any easy to understand book or Web site you can refer me to?
I can't avoid recommending my own book on C# Web Application development. It's focused exactly for your needs: taking the most out of VS.NET to build the application. No Notepad, lots of wizards, designers and Property Browser! It's called Beginning C# Web Applications with Visual Studio .NET, and its even better than my previous Beginning Web Programming using VB.NET and Visual Studio .NET, because we improved many examples and learned lessons from our readers. Both books assume you already know the programming language, so don't expect to be told how to create an event handler, a while loop or whatever. You will have to look for resellers of them, as Wrox is now extinct as it was, and the new owner, APress, is still analyzing whether they will reprint them or not.

As for the sites, I think one of the best is CodeProject, as it contains a lot of articles, and everything is free. But rather than learning step-by-step, it's better used when you have an specific problem and want some quick solution.

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