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Can I get a browser to 'echo' a password after postback?

On a user registration screen, we ask users to provide a password they would like to use in the system. Later in the form, we do a postback in order to show states related to a selected country. This postback clears out the password boxes. How can we keep the echoing capability of the password textbox and not force the user to re-enter their password?
As a matter of security, no browser will EVER "echo" the password back after a postback. This is by design, and you should carefuly consider why this would be a requirement. Almost everybody knows that registration form errors (processed after a postback) as well as login forms, etc., clear the password, so I suggest you're better off educating users instead of bypassing this feature. Let them save their passwords in the browser if they want to, but remember its THEIR responsibility if they do so.

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