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Calling a secondary UserControl applet

I call my applet in C# with this code:

 <object id=t
height=768 width=1024 VIEWASTEXT >
 </object >
It's working. In this UserControl applet I have a button, and when I click on this button I want to call another UserControl. How can I do that?
I would recommend making the second control a constituent control hosted on the first user control so that you would have access to the second user control from within the first. Just envision your control as being a .NET control such as the ListView and work with it just as you would if it were hosted upon a Form.

If I am missing the point of you question, and you are trying to embed separate controls in a Web page instead of building them into each other, perhaps passing a reference of the first to the second control using a method or property.

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